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The Benefits of Hemp for Athletes and Body-Builders

Written By: Dr. Juan SalinasJune 05, 2023

Welcome to our blog discussing the immense benefits of hemp seltzer for athletes and bodybuilders! In this article, we have enlisted the expertise of Dr. Juan Salinas, a renowned bodybuilder, sports nutritionist, and trainer, to shed light on why hemp has become an integral part of his daily fitness regimen. With a Pro card in Bodybuilding from the OCB and recent achievements in Physique Bodybuilding from the Mr. America organization, Juan is well-versed in the world of fitness and nutrition.

What’s the difference between Hemp and CBD?

Written By: Kevin Mowers December 10, 2022

With so many people choosing hemp and CBD products for their overall health and wellbeing, it can be confusing since they seem to be used interchangeably, but there are a few key differences between Hemp and CBD.

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