Frequently Asked Questions

What is Race Point Seltzer? Race Point Seltzer combines the full potential of hemp, with vitamins, antioxidants, and other naturally occurring elements. Through a proprietary process, each compound has benefits on their own, but when consumed together as nature intended, these effects are maximized.

When should I enjoy a race point seltzer? We enjoy them any time, day and night. Whether it’s a 15-minute break at work, replacing a nightcap before bed, feeling sore after a hard workout, recovering after a long weekend, or staying cool on the beach, Race Point will soon become your favorite beverage. Crack a can and you’ll find a place it fits in your life.

Will Race Point Seltzer get me high? No, it won’t. Our seltzer will not cause psychoactive effects. If you will be subject to drug screening we recommend consulting your testing facility or employer before consuming Race Point seltzer. Consult with a healthcare provider before consuming Race Point in conjunction with supplements, health, or lifestyle products.

Is Race Point Seltzer legal? Race Point seltzer is legal and compliant with all federal, state, and municipal regulations. We do advise new customers to consult with their healthcare provider before consuming our seltzer.

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